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We help SMEs & Corporations empower their teams with market-leading telecom solutions


Expresso is here to help you get and use the best tools and infrastructure for your business. We are offering a full-range services from digital, business mobile, business fixed and computing device solutions

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A company with its roots as a Telco Provider

Our background as one of Africa’s leading Telecomm and ICT services providers, we have vast industry experience, and a deep understanding of how to provide businesses with best possible mobile solutions for their success.

We pride ourselves on our post-sale service

Our company has a big emphasis on post-sale service, which you cannot find anywhere other than at Expresso. Once you buy one of our comprehensive plans, you can have peace of mind that our customer service team will assist you with your future requirements.


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All In One Solution




We have committed ourselves to create and deliver services that can be of great value to your company. There’s no need to look further as we have all the necessary tools that can help you communicate effectively and efficiently. 


With our innovative digital plans, business mobile, and business fixed solutions, rest-assured that your business will thrive.


We Will Help You Connect to the World



Telecommunications always play an integral role in any business. Business transactions, dealings and meetings are usually done online. 


At Expresso, we will make sure that you stay connected 24/7 through our telecommunication and computing solutions. 


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What Makes Us Unique?


With our cutting edge, innovative, and cost-effective solutions, we are confident that we can provide our clients with their custom-built products and services fit for their individual needs or requirements. 


Our team is dedicated to making sure that you will have the perfect solution to help create organizational agility, accelerate business growth, and build richer connectivity. Our infrastructure and products are designed to help your business achieve your vision.


Whether you are an old or new business seeking a business digital transformation, Expresso is here to help you redefine your business. 

COVID-19 Impact on Business in UAE

Do you want to know the impact of COVID-19 on business in UAE? Participate in our survey and get a FREE copy from the study. The survey will only take 5 minutes.