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Empower your customers and employees with a secure and fully managed wireless internet connectivity solution

Business WiFi

The internet has become one of the most important necessities nowadays. It is a fact that almost everyone is glued on their smartphones whether it is for work or leisure or just simply to communicate. Business WiFi is an essential investment for your business because it offers a myriad of advantages from driving employee productivity to customer satisfaction.

Employee Collaboration and Productivity

To stay productive at work, internet connectivity is a must. If you have a stable WiFi connection, tasks such as sending emails, making reports, web presentations, and researching can be easier.

With secure business internet, collaboration with other team members remotely real-time is possible. Thus it guarantees that your employees will be able to have the perfect time to stay productive and collaborate efficiently. This cuts the time and effort as compared if your business doesn’t have a reliable WiFi connection.

Guest WiFi Access

Guest WiFi access is equally important as having it at the workplace. Your clients, customers, or partners need to be able to have access to the internet while they are at your business premises. Expresso made this possible by making sure that your business will have a reliable and secure WiFi connection. 

With our business internet WiFi plans, let your employees work without experiencing internet interruptions that can hinder their productivity and allow your guests to have a dependable internet connection. 


Fully managed uninterrupted wireless internet solution
Site surveys, feasibility and consultancy included
Regulatory compliant Public Internet Access Provider (PIAP) service
Online Access to reports


Value for Money

Affordable monthly payment options

Fully Complaint

The latest security solutions, ensuring your business is fully compliant


Backed by a world-class infrastructure

Proactive Monitoring

24/7 support as well as remote management