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Keep your business performing with our dedicated high-speed platform and managed service.

A new Internet service bundle that aims at providing customers with up to 5 times higher speed.


IDA and IDA Plus is to help businesses perform well with an efficient and high-speed platform and managed services. This plan offers several features that can definitely benefit your business, an opportunity you shouldn’t miss if you want to stand out and be able to provide the best products and services to your customers.


We want to ensure that you can have that freedom to streamline your company process with the right type of platforms and services that can ease up the common bottlenecks without using an effective system.


We are here to help you cut the downtime by speeding up the process through our tools that offer great features and benefits that can surely help your company.





Internet Upgrade of up to 5 times(10Gbps)

24×7 Managed Services

Free Symmetric Backup Link

Upto 99.95% Availability SLA

Online Portal

8 static IP

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