Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

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With ISDN PRI, almost all modern voice and data communication systems from PBXs, mainframe and distributed systems through to your company LAN/WAN can be connected to your ISDN service. The use of routers, multiplexers, ISDN controllers and video/audio conferencing units is also supported. Additionally, Digital Telephone Switches can use our Direct Inward Dialing (DID) facility over PRI. DID offers a single interface for up to 30 concurrent calls, as well as for up to two hundred free DID extensions. Our PRI line Etisalat is all you need.

Charges (AED) Details
Installation Charges 3000 ISDN PRI Line
Installation Charges 1500 Additional ISDN PRI Line
Rental Charges 2400/month
Usage Charges Free* Local and National Voice Calls to Landline
Usage Charges Standard Intra-UAE call charges apply Local and National Data Calls to Landline
Usage Charges Standard Peak and Off-Peak IDD call charges apply International voice call

*Fair Usage Policy Applicable(Fair Usage Policy of 7500 minutes per month per channel for local and national voice calls which is equivalent to 125 hours per month). There is no daily or weekly call capping. Beyond the Fair Usage Policy, AED 0.15 per minute will be applicable for Local and National landline to landline voice calls 

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