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Get complete peace of mind with extra data, local minutes, international minutes or text messages

Data Add-ons

Choose from our data plans to get
more data and stay connected when
you are out and about.
Package Price
Essential Plan 1GB of local data AED 60/month
All-rounder Plan 5GB of local data AED 149/month
High-data Plan 12GB of local data AED 219/month

CUG - Closed
User Group

Reduce call costs, improve team
communications and collaboration with
one flat monthly fee.
Package Price
100 CUG minutes AED 25/month
300 CUG minutes AED 50/month
500 CUG minutes AED 75/month
1000 CUG minutes AED 100/month

Incoming Roaming Minutes

Make your minutes last longer with our
packages that are designed to make
roaming simple.
40 minutesAED 50/month
100 minutesAED 100/month

International Direct Dialling Minutes

Discover our suite of IDD packages to
find the right fit to help you stay
connected to your business.
70 minutesAED 50/month
150 minutesAED 100/month
350 minutesAED 200/month
600 minutesAED 300/month

Local Minutes

Get more local minutes with
the first-of-its-kind add-on package
in the UAE.
Package Price
120 minutes AED 30/month
240 minutes AED 60/month
500 minutes AED 120/month
800 minutes AED 180/month

SMS (text
messages) - Local
and International

Receive and send SMSs to stay
connected locally and internationally.
300 SMSsAED 40/month
500 SMSsAED 60/month
1000 SMSsAED 100/month

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