Top Channel Partner of Etisalat

expresso top channel partner of etisalat

Top Channel Partner of Etisalat (Q4-2019)

Our partnership with Etisalat is one of the most significant milestones of the company. It enabled us to strengthen and reinforce our services and solutions to our target market – SMEs.


Partner in Growth

We know how significant it is for startups and small businesses to have a reliable communication line, internet connection, and infrastructure. Tying-up with Etisalat as our channel partner has given us the best resources to improve our services further.


Being recognized as one of Etisalat’s top channel partners, all of our goals and visions came to life. It has given us the driving force to continue providing immeasurable services. We always want to provide the best tools and infrastructure that can power every business in the region.


Strengthened Our Brand

This compliment from our partner shows that we are on the right track in making sure that we can deliver the right infrastructure. It enormously helped our brand to improve. It has also helped us to fortify our brand as being the top provider of devices, tools, and services.


As the Top Channel Partner for 2019 (Q4), we pride ourselves for being recognized as one of the most-trusted companies in the region. With this, we promise to continue delivering products and services that help to make our client’s visions a reality.


Continues Commitment for Years and Beyond

The recognition we received has given us additional power to strive more towards improving our services. With this, we are committed to continuously providing the best solutions for our cleints.

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